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(FastNewsMedia Editorial):- Austin, Oct 3, 2018 ( – With a title like Donald Trump’s Golden Toilet you know it has to be a little offensive. But there’s no violence or cussing. By today’s standards, it’s downright mild. Or so claims the author, Robert B+ saying It’s just very vivid and the scary truth in the lyrics makes it horrifying.

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Tune begins with a song that changed history, Yankee Doodle. A quick burst on flute and then a distorted guitar that segues into the sounds of marching feet. Sqt. Rump yells out Alright people, are you with me? We’re marching to Victory! After 4 minutes of outrage and clever rhymes, it ends with the singers urging you to Get off your butt and VOTE!

The Anti-Trump invective may be going viral. In just twenty days, it’s had 40,000+ views on youTube. The short link is and you’ll soon be singing along with the onscreen lyrics. The hashtag is #goldentoiletsong for twitter and Instagram sharing.

The song can be downloaded for free at and many other music sites.

Unfortunately, the song is disgusting in its truthfulness, contends Robert Trump has offended almost every thinking human and the lyrics speak volumes. The song is designed to reach those disenchanted non-voters that might be tempted to sit this one out or stay at home. It’s edgy and funny at the same time.

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The lyrics cut a broad swath from His best and brightest are in prison. I think he ought to be there with ’em. to Where is Fairness? Where is Justice? Time for rebirth in the US. to Oh, people make a difference! Go out and cast your vote.

The song will generate discussions. RB mentions that his 12-year old grandson was laughing his tail off but he didn’t like the line about stealing babies. Stealing babies at the border. Sowing hatred and disorder. But once the youngster learned that hundreds of immigrant families really were being torn apart, he understood and was quite upset.

RB undertook more of a guerrilla strategy for the recent Beto O’Rourke/Willie Nelson Rally. I printed up 300 business cards with lyrics and links to the YouTube video, he smiled. People really got a kick out of ’em and appreciated my efforts. He got another 50 hits in the following two days. A good return. The Rally was really inspiring and Beto was on fire!

Learn more about Robert B+ and his music, movie, and art projects at including a copy of the lyrics to Donald Trump’s Golden Toilet. While this effort is free, if you’d like to support his future good works, music and art go to Robert’s LaunchPad/ArtistShare funding site at and donate or buy prints of paintings, his Doodle Therapy books and music tracks from the next cd.

Remember that you have to Register in order to vote, Robert emphasizes. In Texas, October 9th is the deadline. There are so many races that are very, very close. A few hundred votes in each one could make a monumental difference. I’m trying to reach as many people as I can on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to make this go Viral. Twitter thinks I’m a robot I’m on there so much.

Maybe this song can change history. We’ll know in November. Give us your thoughts and comments.

The outrageous and powerful lyrics
The song is available for free downloads youTube video has the lyrics as well
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