How Emergency Life Response Systems Work


Whenever people are faced with this system, minds automatically divert to the meme-worthy Life Alert informercials that were a rage a decade ago. But do services like these actually work and if they do, how?

It’s more than just “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” although this informercial was regarded as humorous, the ultimate truth is that senior adults do face such problems in real life. It’s not just a meme. So many older citizens are faced with injury due to falling or slipping (almost every 11 seconds). Since they are already at risk of harm, an emergency life response system would be a useful precaution. Let’s look over it and see how these work to help seniors.

To start off, what exactly is an Emergency Life Response System? It is a unique system where the patient is connected to a trained professional in order to handle a specific emergency, at a press of a button. Sounds simple enough? Although there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scene, these professionals make sure everything is made easier for the senior to use.


  • The process behind getting someone emergency help– When it comes to something like PERS, help is always on the way immediately. After the button on the call alert device is pressed, the connection is directed towards the headquarters of the service. A professional who usually holds the medical history of the individual attends to the call and checks into the problem. How does this happen? When the button is pressed, a signal is actually sent to the response system medical alarm console which goes to connect with the headquarter contact center. Most companies offer twenty-four hours of services, all days of the week which is amazing. This way, there is always someone to help even in your loved one’s absence.


  • Why are emergency life response systems worth it? – When it comes to emergency situations, every single second matter. One cannot take a risk by depending on mobile phones and other mediums. PERS systems get help to you as soon as possible which is the best way to handle it. There are also some companies that offer services where in your loved ones can be contacted. However, we recommend those that get medical help as it is the safest method. These professionals know exactly how to take care of particular situations.


  • What is behind the success of an emergency response system? – Well, let’s first get into the main device that helps you get help, the alert call button. This device is extremely useful and can be worn in several ways. For example, the commonly used pendant, on your wrist like a watch or a bracelet, or even as a clip-on broch. Think of it as a wireless panic button for medical emergencies. The best thing about it is that it can easily be used at any time of need. The button also communicates to the contact headquarters from miles away.


The second factor would be the alert base station which the best emergency response companies provide their customers with. This device looks similar to a Wifi modem and is conveniently sized. It helps you communicate with the professionals throughout your home. This is done with the help of a powerful speaker placed in the system. Along with that, it is only accompanied by a microphone that allows you to communicate without yelling too much. The most convenient feature, however, is that even if you are unable to be heard, the system directly contacts your emergency contacts.

The last but definitely not the least is the alert headquarters. This is the place where all your help calls are answered. Whenever the button is pressed, your call is automatically sent to this center to get further assistance. After the distress signal is sent, the center checks into your status, making sure you’re okay and further brings medical care to you as soon as possible.

Setting up the emergency life response system is not difficult either. All you have to do is plug the unit into your jack and then plug it into the power socket. Then press the power button for a preliminary test. The connection will direct you to an operator that will confirm your connection. There you go, it is ready for emergency use. We hope you’ve learned something about PERS and how useful it can be.


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