Exciting News For Fans Tiny Harris And T.I. Harris Spotted On A Double Date With Cardi B And Offset



Fans are overwhelmed to know about the two hip-hop couples Cardi B and Offset – Double Date with Tiny Harris and T.I. Harris. They have lots of things to talk about such as their marriage, parenthood, and successful career.

All the stars in the BET Awards which are one of the biggest events gave the opportunity to the stars in the industry to spend time together.  A few days back this pair was spotted at ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Awards at Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles to meet each other.

However, due to their workload hardly they could meet each other in the same place at the same time. The reporters of HollywoodLife stated that Tiny Harris, T.I., Cardi B and Offset shares lots of things in common. They really share a great bond of friendship. The ladies enjoy talking about their men, career and also the way they balance everything in their life.

These couples on their meet cracked jokes out of their love-making and passion. They laughed on various objects but still, they have so much respect for one another and highly enjoy catching up. If you go through the picture you will find that the couples are posing all together and it was T.I. who shared this on the platform of choice. Tip congratulated them for the awards that they received.


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