Top 7 Press Release Best Practices to Boost the Growth of Your Business

Press releases are one of the most important and valuable tools in the professional field of marketing and business. Considering its paramount importance, thousands of business owners avail of the press release services to make a fruitful growth of their businesses. It is a safe, affordable, and highly effective option for all kinds of business owners around the world. Utilizing this tool correctly can put a positive impact on the sales of growth of the business.

Press Release Best Practices

While there is an urban myth revolving around the relevance of PR, many business owners, artists, and marketers of different industries incorporate press release best practices to strengthen their marketing campaigns. Whether it is a new product launch, a news update, special services, partnership, or expansion; everything can be declared via PR with an exponential audience reach.

Here are top 10 PR practices to create lively, thriving, and effective content for your business:

1) Let the headline pop

The headline is the key to garner attention from the major number of target audiences as well as reporters from the niche. It should be irresistible, attractive, and highly engaging that can grab everyone’s attention at a glance.

Here are some tips,

• Keep it short and relatable. Try not to exceed more than 70-80 characters
• It should convey the whole story to offer a preview
• Even if the PR is written about something very common, the headline can provide that unique touch that piques interest and curiosity.

2) To the point

When it comes to writing press release format, some might find it as complex as rocket science but it is easier than a child’s play. A PR is supposed to be written with a professional approach and formal tone where readers can get all the necessary information without getting confused. Think from the readers’ perspective. why should they read your content? Make sure you ask yourself the 5Ws rule, what, when, where, why, and who. If all of these questions can be answered through the content, it is a complete piece of work.

3) Pitch a Killer Quote

Even though Press releases are exclusively formal, there should be some subtle personal approaches to make sure readers find it relevant other than a brand story. Adding quotes to your PR helps to gain the trust of the readers also connects with them on a human level. However, do not make the content too clustered with quotes or else it will lose its importance.

4) Make it precise and compact

A press release is a compact content that should provide the only necessary information without overwhelming the readers. The optimum size of a PR should lie between 300 to 500 words which are readable for all. If the content is too long, the readers might lose interest to read it. If it is too short, the purpose of the PR will not be solved as the lack of information makes it appear less authentic. Hit the sweet spot and make everyone go through your content.

5) Visual approach

Visual attachment in written content helps to make the impact stronger and harder. Research says online readers can lose interest in content within 3-5 seconds but the impact of the images stays longer than that. A human mind can process images 60,000 times faster than written content. That is why the visual approach matters a lot. PR allows to attach up to 5 images on the content that makes it even more presentable, attractive and effective.

6) Finishing touch

Just like the title and the body of the content, the last paragraph of a press release also plays a vital role to make a fruitful ending. Try to end it on a high note where the content has already provided all the necessary information proceeding to the climax. Make sure the ending note is crispy and interesting yet brief in length. It can also lead readers to a future significance to show how promising your brand of the company is.

7) Reach out to the journalists

Research and find out the specific journalists of the niche and relevant industries. Pitch to them to be featured in the media. Decide which publication is suitable for you and reach out to them with your dynamic content. This distribution technique involves no money but intricate research.
There are several other practices of the Press release that can provide better ROI (return on investment), increasing web traffic, and fruitful growth of the business.


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