Improve Your Next Press Release with 5 Handy SEO Practices

Business owners and marketers of all industries are aware of the paramount importance of search engine optimization and always looking for more SEO approaches. One of the best marketing tools which are taking optimization on a greater level is the Press Release. A fully optimized PR is more powerful and effective than advertisements and video marketing. However, writers have to work hard since it is only written content that takes time to read and analyze. In order to put an impact on a larger number of the target audience, the written content is supposed to be attractive, efficient, and containing a high marketing value.

Improve Your Next Press Release

If you are a writer and looking forward to brushing up your skills, here are some proven tactics to improve your next press release:

1. The three Rs

A press release should be containing 3 Rs; relevant, refined, and readable. Even if a PR is fully optimized with SEO approaches, it might not able to engage the listeners with unattractive content. Gaining only online visibility cannot show great results unless the content is interesting enough. Accept this hard truth and work on writing skills to make the content more attention-grabbing. Crafting a press release is easy but is it relevant enough? PRs are purely based on business and industries and that requires intricate knowledge of the business and the similar niche.

2. Pick Keywords effectively

Keywords are the main elements of search engine optimization as incorporating them in the content optimizes its marketing value. Keyword selection should be the top priority of optimization. Relevant keywords help to boost the online visibility of the content as well as the original business website that is looking for exposure. Keywords also help to boost the rank on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Implementing relevant keywords can also create a positive impact in the competitive market.

3. Sharable Headlines

The headline is the most essential and attractive part of the press release that gathers the most attention. It helps to create an impression that lasts long makes every reader go through the content. It should be simple, official, and without any jargon. Here are some things to keep in mind,
• Include the company’s pitching story
• Keep it short and impactful ( not more than 280 characters)
• The title can also include keyword which helps to search fast
• Include numbers that show more authenticity

4. Don’t forget social media

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the press release is the social media platforms as most of the online readers are active social media handlers as well. Don’t forget to add social media engagement to press releases to get greater results. Embedding social accounts appears more trustworthy to the audience as well as provides a chance to check the activity of the business. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc are widely used in the marketing field; these platforms make optimization even more successful.

5. Links and Multimedia

Modern PRs consist of multimedia attachments that let you add up to 5 images along with YouTube and Vimeo embed links. These attachments do not only boost the website’s online presence but also lets reader go through other attachments than just reading the content. Thus it helps to make the company more trustworthy along with a visual impact. These links carry an ample amount of web traffic and online engagement.


Of course, there are many other ways to improve your SEO strategies, but these few are to make an effective kick-start. Just make sure, you keep readers at the center of attraction as they are the ones you want to reach. PRs are great marketing tools for the growth of any business but it only works when it is fully optimized with SEO approaches. So, don’t just work on your press release writing but also the SEO approaches.


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