Why and How to Use Press Release in Your Marketing Strategy?

If you want to boost online exposure and audience engagement for your brand, use press release in your marketing strategy with the help of professionals.

Though different marketing strategies and tools have been invented after press releases, PRs still continue to be the most powerful marketing tool in the business world. As most companies in the world are using press releases to spread their news and announcement into the world, it has become quite competitive these days. So you need to put a little extra effort into crafting and distributing your press release to stand out in the crowd. The best way to get the full benefits of a press release is to hire a professional PR agency for your brand. Let’s discuss the various reasons to write a PR and how to distribute it effectively:

use press release in your marketing strategy

Role of PRs in marketing

Press releases are a marketing tool because they promote whatever the company is announcing through them. Press releases are written with the hope that major media outlets will take notice of them and publish them on their websites.

If the journalists find your story compelling enough they will follow-ups and feature your company on future news as well. If you want to stay connected with your target audience and convey your messages and announcement to the world, use press release in your marketing strategy right away.

Right time to issue a PR

Press releases are newsworthy events or announcements about your company that your target audience must be aware of for brand awareness. A PR should be published within a perfect timeframe to acquire its full advantages. The best time to publish a press release is at least one or two months before the actual event or product launch happens. That way you will be able to create hype among your target audience. Therefore, there will be no shortage of audience engagement when the product comes out in the market. You should also publish another PR after the product launch or event to keep the news relevant in the market and rank better in the SERPs.

Main points of a PR

The basic points that should be in an ideal press release are:

• The primary announcement.
• Important dates.
• The exact location.
• Contact information of the company.

The PR should be written using a professional tone without any grammatical and spelling errors. A wrong tone and errors in your press release can ruin your reputation in the market. Get your PR written by professionals to ensure its flawlessness.

Right length of a PR

The length of the press release is one of the most vital parts of modern PR writing. Long gone are the days of multiple-page press releases. Now, most readers do not have the patience to go through anything longer than a single page. Also, journalists go through hundreds of press releases every day. They mostly avoid reading long PRs. So, make sure your PR has no more than five paragraphs and comes under one page.

DO PRs actually work?

The reason most PRs don’t work is that they are written poorly. Out of the hundreds of PRs, journalists are able to select only a handful that shows some promise. PRs are bound to work if they are crafted in the right way. You need to find newsworthy topics and write the PR following the right patterns to make it effective.
How to write a perfect press release and distribute it?

A good PR grabs the attention of both the journalists and target audiences by conveying the right message while telling a compelling story.

Some qualities of an effective PR:

• It is informative and relevant to your target audience.
• It should never be promotional. It is more like news than an advertisement.
• It must answer the five Ws (Who, What, Why, When, and Where).
• It should have a killer headline and a separate paragraph for quotes.
• Finish it with a boilerplate copy consisting of all the contact details of the company.

The way you distribute the PR affects the success of your marketing efforts. Distributing on your own is a lot of hassle as you have to make a list of the journalists of the media outlets to where you want to submit your PR to. You also have to find their contact details and send them a pitch to get featured on their websites. It is better to appoint a professional PR distribution company as they guarantee publication on hundreds of major media outlets at affordable rates.


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