Air Conditioner Sales are going up in India Due to Massive Heatwave

Image Credit: Mint

The heatwave in India has surpassed all the previous records and becoming unbearable for everyone. Recently, Govind Ram, a citizen of Delhi has stated his opinion. This May, he purchased an air conditioner as per the request of her children. The scorching heat in the city and overall in the country has created a dangerous situation for all. Govind has said he works as a junk dealer for his living and he stated ‘I’ve endured the worst summers under just a fan. But this year, my children suffered so much that I had to buy our family’s first air conditioner’.

According to reports, it came to know that India has gone through a total of 700 heatwaves in the past five decades. Thus, the citizens of the country have survived them. However, this year, things are becoming quite tough for all. This year’s heatwave is considered as the worst one.

In India, 97% of households have electricity and 93% of them rely on fans in the summer. But this year, the number of air conditioner purchases has increased a lot. The managing director of Blue Star, B Thiagarajan has said ‘In my 45 years in the air-con industry, I’ve never seen anything like this. The spike in demand is a complete surprise, with sales likely to more than double this summer compared to last year’.

Every year, in summer there is a spike in buying air conditioners. This summer the record of purchasing air conditioners has increased a lot. Now, people are not being able to survive without an A.C. in 2023, the sales growth of 25%-30% than the previous year. This year, it has gone up to 60%, which is a shocking incident. The number of air conditioners that have been sold in three months is usually sold in nine months. This drastic change is creating an alert among all.

B Thiagarajan has also said ‘Now demand peaks in April’. As of now, it is coming to know that a total of 300 million households, which is 8% of the Indian population have air conditioners in their house. Currently, India is becoming one of the fastest-growing markets for air conditioner-making companies. The global unit of AC sales last year was 170 million. Where India bought 12 million and China bought 90 million.

In this context, B Thiagarajan has said ‘The rising demand reflects, at once, rising aspirations, disposable incomes and extreme weather’. Air conditioners are one of the biggest reasons for the increasing heat in the country. But the people are also helpless in this matter. Now, air conditioners have become the only thing, which can help one to survive. Awareness regarding climate change is growing slowly and people are getting the knowledge on how to save the world. This will take some time and if we try together then we might bring a change. Right now, we cannot control the weather, but if we start planting more trees, then in the future years, we will get to see some positive results.


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