Explore the Regencycore in the Netflix Series Bridgerton

Image Credit: The Glossary

The most anticipated series, Bridgerton’s season 3 has been released recently which created a huge buzz among all the fans. This Netflix series has gotten enormous attention from everyone. The storyline is set in the Regency era, thus audiences get to witness a portrayal of the time. The compelling characters of the series have many features. This series is getting all the love not only for its story but its presentation too. In Bridgerton, everyone got to see the fashion of the Regency era.

Every character has a unique style that enhances their look even more. And it is undeniable how perfect everyone looked as per their character. From the very beginning, everyone has been a fan of Lady Whistledown due to her interesting character. In the latest season, audiences got to see her new look, which has mesmerized all. Many characters in the series have looked phenomenal. So, let’s channel your inner Bridgerton beauty.

In the first season of the series, the diamond of the season was Daphne Bridgerton. And there is no doubt about that statement. Her radiating glow truly remarks as a diamond. In the series, it is shown that she has flawless features. The natural beauty of the character was enhanced more with her simple makeup. It was the dewy finish of her skin that looked more charming. The lightweight mascara, defined voluminous mascara, rosy blush, and a touch of highlighter have given her the perfect look. Along with that, the soft colors on the lips, made her look even more beautiful in the series.

Another interesting character in this Netflix series is Eloise Bridgerton. Her character has a subtle charm that also portrays her look vividly. It is Eloise’s natural makeup that enhances her character and looks immensely. She has a sophisticated look in all the seasons that look best for her. Eloise had a simple look throughout all the seasons where a light foundation was used along with mascara to lift the eyelashes, brushed eyebrows, and peachy-colored blush. Along with that, the light-colored lipsticks enhanced her look.

Lady Whistledown has been one of the most important characters of the series. In this season, Whistledown aka Penelope Featherington looked outstanding. In the latest season, her look has been completely changed, and only for the right reasons. The bold lip colors have changed her look entirely. No heavy makeup was used as well. It was the prominent blush that enhanced her look for this. If you want to channel your inner Whistledown, then following these few tips would be perfect for you.

Another brilliant character in the series that was introduced was Katherine Sharma also known as Kate Sharma. She is another stunning character of Bridgerton. The dusky and glowing look has mesmerized all the audiences. The highlighter on the perfect spot on her face has made her look even more brilliant. Along with that, the long lashes and subtle lip colors have made her the perfect Viscountess. These are some of the stunning looks that have been seen in the series and this is how you channel your look.


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