Viktor Đerek – The One Who Captures Vision in His Lens

Viktor Đerek

When the entire world is running after fame, it is Viktor Đerek who has followed his childhood passion. This great soul started developing his interest in photography at the very age of 9. And thereafter, he has never stopped exploring places. Of course, his dedication to the photography class has helped him a lot in understanding the angle of the lens. His family has always encouraged him to pursue a great career in photography. Also, Viktor’s passion for music and theatre has helped him to get a close view of things and theories.

While traveling with his grandfather, he took the snapshots of nature and independently uploaded them on Flickr as well. However, Viktor Đerek got graduated from the Art school Luka Sorkočević in 2012. Thereafter this famous Croatian photographer has directed and produced his first documentary film in 2013 and it was named as – Fairy Tale Croatia. This film featured the footage of a city of DubrovnikZadar, and Zagreb. Also, there is footage of the National Park of Plitvice Lakes. This film was premiered on 18th June 2013 on Pula Film Festival.

This activist person has captured the eyes of many for his contribution in the preservation of nature. Moreover, the youth always call out his name with full of respect. Viktor Đerek won the music show in 2012 and that’s the latest thing that helped him to come into the limelight. This music show named ‘Republika’ has gained many audience counts. His name received the appreciation for being one of the major persons in the human rights sector. This musician, as well as a photographer, actively cooperate with the human rights organization as well. Viktor Đerek has been noticed to participate in a number of social works and he has surveyed many and recently participated in Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Some of the movie promotions where Viktor Đerek took part are “Love, Simon”, “A Star Is Born”. A special screening was also arranged for his fans and followers before the official release was announced. This young man has truly won the hearts of millions by developing his music skills. Fans wish to witness some of his future works.

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