Is This the New Song From ELIO DEEJAY?


Everybody is talking for the new radioshow series from Elio Deejay called ‘OASIS’ on Privé Radio. Especially one of the mixtape’s song had a great impact on the listeners. The song seemed to be a preview of Elio Deejay new track because it sounded like his style. He has said in social networks that his new song is coming soon and maybe he has tested it on his radioshow to see the reactions of his fans but has not yet become official. Many people said the song was very energetic and sexy.
Elio Deejay has always been an artist full of surprises and everyone has a focus on him when he launches new projects. All of his songs have been blown out all over Albania. He has expressed his love for music wherever he has performed his productions. Also known for his many wonderful mashups, bootlegs and remixes. One of these is a remix of Tavolina e Merzise’ by Elvana Gjata which was brought to an afro / club house version.


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