N TUSIO DJ’s Recently Released Song ‘HERE WE GO FESTIVAL!’ Impacts the Global EDM Scene with Its Epic Tonality

Internationally-famed musician N TUSIO DJ presents a rhythmic flow that is rich in elements from different genres in his latest EDM single, ‘HERE WE GO FESTIVAL!’.


Electronic music is far more suitable for today’s generation who refuse to be bound by a single genre. Upcoming DJ and music producer, N TUSIO DJ is taking the genre to a higher and more approachable level with his unpredictable melodic creations. After many hits, he has finally dropped his finest EDM banger, ‘HERE WE GO FESTIVAL!’ on major streaming platforms. The track features his masterful weave of different electronic elements intermingled with powerful instrumentation. It creates a symphony that marvels the audience with its unique chord structures and progressive arrangements. He never fails to satisfy the audience with his dynamic music-making techniques.

Music has been an integral part of his life since he was a child. He started listening to more electronic music due to the genre’s dynamic versatility. With hard work and devotion, he was able to mold the genre according to his needs and form a soundscape that epitomizes his unique creativity and boundless imagination. He wishes to uplift the minds of his listeners with the positive aspect of music. It pushed him to come up with some of the most surreal beats that express his thoughts and emotions with perfect accuracy. His music is energetic and extremely relatable at the same time.

Working with his very own production house N TUSIO DJ, the passionate musician is producing newer beats. He chooses to focus mainly on the dance vibes of the genre of EDM and brings people together on the dance floor. His most recent masterpiece, HERE WE GO FESTIVAL! is a flexible soundtrack that is perfect for a night out at the club or home with friends. Hailing from Monte Carlo, Monaco, N TUSIO DJ is determined to instill optimism back in people’s minds with his blissfully entertaining creations. Listen to his other songs, ‘NOMIAI’, ‘MIAI’, ‘Flower’s Park’, and ‘Non Devi’ on SoundcloudSpotifyand YouTube.

Plug into SoundCloud to listen to his music: https://soundcloud.com/user-711957975/here-we-go-festival


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