American Singer-Songwriter Peterlakemusic’s Lyrically Refreshing Single ‘STONES’ Exudes Positive Vibes

Eminent singer-songwriter from New York PeterLakeMusic brings his finest vocal performance infused with dynamic melody in his new soundtrack, ‘STONES’.


The quality of a song should be judged by its attributes alone and not by the identity of the singer. A firm believer of this logic, Peter Lake creates brilliant music protected by his anonymity. He releases exquisite musical creations through his channel PeterLakeMusic on various major streaming platforms. He has once again surprised his fans with another brilliant track, STONES’ which is a beautiful combination of R&B and Soul with a little punch of Pop. The upbeat rhythmic flow has a unique resonance that gives a chill to the listeners. He has been able to form a connection with the audiences with the moving lyrical illustration that is highly relatable to them.

Born and raised in Canada, the multi-faceted artist has been exposed to diverse types of music from a very young age. His exposure to versatile music has impacted his young mind deeply and helped shape his musical career along the way. The now New-York-based defies the conventional ways of music-making and distribution. He refuses to work under traditional record levels, which can restrict the creative reach of the artists. He thrives on anonymity and works with unconventional partners to stay free of all limitations and boundaries. His music is mostly inspired by legends like Neil Young, Max Martin, David Bowie, Motown, and Drake among others. He uses their influences in his music adding his own signature, and creating an excellent soundscape.

The gifted artist creates original music that ranges from various genres such as EDM, house, R&B, pop, soul, and more. Through PeterLakeMusic, he is releasing incredible soundtracks that connect with the audience on various levels. His newest composition, ‘STONES’ is a brilliant piece of art featuring uplifting and versatile rhythmic flow that dances with the dynamic vocal performances in perfect harmony. The track offers a smooth listening experience to the listeners penetrating their thoughts. His best creations so far are ‘Flowers and Rain’, ‘Figure It Out’, ‘Sweet Abyss’, and ‘Stay Baby Stay’. Follow him on SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram for more updates.

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