Beat and Rhythm in the Track ‘Take Your Chance’ by Famous EDM Artist NOA AON is Mesmerizing

Dj artist NOA AON is one of the renowned artist in the music industry for his amazing music mix. His song brings out the theme of freedom, movement, and transformation.  The music in his new track ‘Take Your Chance’ creates a beautiful ambiance. The beat that comes through is impressively unique and it reaches out from the soundscape and captures the mind of the listeners. The whole thing in the tracks feels somehow intense and the scattered notes of the track offer a hypnotically calming effect. The space within the track attracts listeners focus and the entire song has a minimalist soundscape which is ultimately very calming and enjoyable within.

Famous EDM artist from Atlanta NOA AON’s track ‘Take Your Chance’ is a complex and multi-layered audio experience that has been beautifully crafted and considerately presented to its audience. The track is fully inspiring, beautifully catered escapism, powerfully designed to develop any moment with its power and enthusiasm. The structure and the whole progression of the soundscape hypnotize and satisfy the listeners in an all-encompassing manner. The voice has a recognizable tone and carries the meandering melody with confidence and an authentic connection to the lyrics. The rhythm and the beat lay a sense of movement before the listeners. Listen to his songs on Soundcloud and watch his music video on Youtube.

The energy and the melody in the track ‘Take Your Chance’ by NOA AON within the soundscape are brilliant and vibrant. There is a clear contrast between the beat thickness and the lightness of those higher end synths. The crisp and the compelling power in the track create a complete and enjoyable service. The riff in the song connects quite easily with the listeners which makes it feel quite accessible and enjoyable. To get more updates about his upcoming music then follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus.

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