‘On God’ is a gripping number by Ronney Crocs that will strike with his overpowering enjoyable musicality

Ronney Crocs

(FastNewsMedia Editorial):- Newton, Massachusetts Jan 24, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The extremely talented hip-hop artist has the power to engage his audience with his musical aura. The grooving number by Ronney Crocs has spread a cool and fun dancing vibe in his song On God. The song featured MB Jay who contributed with equal uniqueness. The beauty of this song is that it has intriguing beats along with catchy spells. His vocal texture has a vibration that will raise the heat of the surroundings. The well-written narration has been completely justified by the duo in this track. Previously he collaborated with MB jay in another song called ‘BTW‘.

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Born Ronney O’Connor widely known as Ronney Crocs is from Newton, Massachusetts, United States. And it has been over six years now that he has started making music. His truthful narration and crisped tonal quality for his songs have an enthralling impact on the audience. And the best part is that Ronney has never shied away to speak what needed to be spoken of. He has the tendency to bring vivid observation into his music which makes them more compelling. No matter what he will always keep making songs that are a treat to the ears.

This Massachusetts Hip-hop artist has crossed 106K plays on the music streaming platform with his ‘Run the Town’ track. Some of his popular numbers are ‘Not So Bad’, ‘Condone It’, ‘Because of You’, ‘What I Want’, ‘Everything’, ‘Back For More’, ‘Do To It’, ‘Need You’, ‘Demanding my Respect’. The surprising elements of his songs are great to listen to, a sudden pause or interesting turning point of the track makes his songs very fresh. And he surely will present more songs as engaging as ‘On God’ to his body of work. Follow his musical journey on SoundCloud. And to know more about this magnificent artist and his next releases follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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