Kharkiv techno musician Daniel Daraban has come up with his musical riddle, ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’

Upcoming Kharkiv techno musician Daniel Daraban is taking listeners on an intoxicating musical journey with his latest techno track ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’.

Upcoming Techno musician Daniel Daraban is pouring down a hefty dose of expression and emotions through his latest musical representation, titled ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’. The track is creating a new root of techno music that does not only provide energy and enthusiasm but also stirs deeper emotions of the listeners. Finely calibrated and masterfully designed, this track is a perfect balance of intensity and gentleness. Each electronic loop and smooth transition creates quick immersive moments that reflect melody, rhythm, and creativity. Just like the titles suggests, that track is a riddle, enriched with a roller-coaster of emotions.


As a rising Kharkiv techno musician, Daniel is making some significant progress through his musical journey with each of his releases. He is a well-seasoned music artist, DJ, and tastemaker as well. He is creating a new taste in techno music with his sheer individuality and a great sense of original music. Learning through each experience of life, the artist is capturing every detail and presenting it through his swathes of techno. The latest track ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’ is the greatest example of his talent and unwavering skills. The artist humble enough to admit his mistakes and very much determined to make every beat perfect. Such dedication and musical artsy are the virtues of a true musician.

Previously, Daniel has released many singles like, ‘Glimmering’, ‘Hunch’, ‘Augury’, etc many others that show the artist’s musical consistency and dynamic nature. Lush and intoxicating techno vibes keep the listeners enthralled about it. The artist is looking forward to dropping more enticing and techno music tracks in the coming days. Follow Daniel Daraban DWRR on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube to have a taste of his music. He is also available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get more updates on this artist and his upcoming musical events.

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