Disney+Hotstar Did A Business of 5.9 Crore Viewership in the ICC WC Finals

Image credit – Sportsmint Media

The 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup was organized by India and the online streaming partner was Disney+Hotstar. India couldn’t win the World Cup this year but it did a huge business through its streaming. As of now, according to the report, it is coming to know that it has gotten a total of 5.9 crore views at the time of finals. This huge number of viewership has set a benchmark for everyone.

It is one of the most leading OTT platforms in the country and has millions of subscribers. Recently, Mukund Acharya, the Head of Technology of the platform has said ‘We anticipated a rise in viewership during milestone matches. We wanted to ensure a seamless streaming experience so that users never miss out on the action. This was backed with several, new products and tech features’. This platform has gained more attention for its collaboration with the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Audiences used all of its features like data saving mode for their high-quality stream. Along with that, there was also a vertical MaxView mode for the audiences that they used through minimal data usage. This year, the over-the-top (OTT) platform has also provided better picture qualities for the videos. This way, everyone got to watch the match with clear pictures and enhanced clarity. All these were done with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

As per the Head of Technology, Mukund has said that each team has put a lot of effort into providing seamless streaming quality to its audiences. They have done a lot of things to deal with problems like enhancement of the application, delivery issues, and streaming qualities. All these are very much important when it comes to streaming online. And that is why all the teams of Disney+Hotstar have given their ultimate effort to achieve success.

Mukund has also explained the situation by saying ‘We utilized game days and mock drills to replicate potential scenarios which helped us prepare our engineers for the tournament. Moreover, to ensure we don’t run into challenges of network bandwidth, we invested in home-grown technologies to serve high-quality streaming experiences catered to device, user location, and other modalities’. In the time of the World Cup Disney+ Hotstar had to work with the technological team very closely. A lot of things were dependent on this particular aspect. This company has provided the best services to all without prioritizing facts like devices, mobile data, or location.

Along with that, while talking about the various obstacles to the platform, he said ‘Factors like India hosting the event, matches being available for free on mobile, and surge in smartphone users compared to 2019 added to viewership excitement. One opportunity was scaling up to a level not seen before in digital ecosystems’. He even completed his statement by saying ‘In addition to that, we own the entire funnel of production, transmission, encoding, and streaming within the network. This tight integration loop allows us to be very agile and unleash innovations that help us optimize the streaming experience’.


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