Jan Jens Says That School Wasn’t Necessary For Him To Become Successful


Jan Jens shares his life story about how even after not completing formal schooling by German standards, he is still ahead of his peers.

Born and raised in a wealthy family, Jan Jens had his life well structured around a cushion of comfort. From being the son of a top-level construction conglomerate (Jens’ father constructed famous buildings in Germany) to a being a high school drop out at 16, here’s a journey that most of us would never take.


Before diving deeper into Jan’s’ past, it’ll help to know that he owns one of the fastest growing concierge companies based in Miami. Jatina Group is known for renting mansions to a few of the world’s most famous personalities like Leonardo Dicaprio, Justin Bieber, Mark Wahlberg, Drake, etc. In 2018, Jatina Group did $7.5 million in total revenue with over 50 mansions in Miami. They added Cars and Yachts to their existing services recently, but their main focus is Villa rentals. For 2019 their projection is somewhere around $11 million in revenue.



This wasn’t the case almost a decade earlier when Jan was struggling with the choice of whether to continue school or not. He went to a high school in Germany, the Hauptschule, which starts after four years of primary education and offers lower secondary education (level 2) according to the International Standard Classification of Education. Any student who goes to primary school can go to the Gesamtschule or Hauptschule while students who wish to attend a Realschule or Gymnasium need to be having good grades to achieve this. Students spend five to six years in the Hauptschule, grades 5 to 9 (or 10). They get done around the age of 15 to 17.


Jan finished his Hauptschule around the age of 15 and decided to pursue further education for a better degree. He succeeded in living that life for a year, but eventually, he realized something that changed his entire perception and life eventually. He figured that it made no sense for him as nothing he was learning seemed to line up with his goals. No part of his education was helping him in building a business and making money. In his own words – “School was nothing for me… it’s funny when I look back and all the people I know who went to school until they’re 24 are far far behind me, but everyone needs to make their own choice.”


It is indeed vital to make your own choices when deciding your career. No amount of safety net is ever going to make you successful. You can be living a comfortable life yet not be happy, and that is perfectly normal. All you need to decide is if it’s the comfort that you require or a sense of self-satisfaction. Find your priorities and plan your life accordingly.


The things that you can start doing AT THIS VERY MOMENT are simple –

  • Start journaling about your life every day.
  • Wake up on time and build a routine that aligns with your goals.
  • Eat better, fresher food. Try organic if possible.
  • Improve your friend circle.
  • Know that you have the same 24 hours as your idol. Learn how to use those hours productively.


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