Girls attitude status for Whatsapp

Girls loved to change their status everyday. Are you searching for girls status? Yes, I knew it. You need some attitude type of status for your WhatsApp account. Girls are beautiful so you have right to show up attitude. It’s ok. Good thing is that you are now in the perfect place. This post will take you to your destination. Here you will get a lot of attitude status with variety. So friends what are you thinking about? Are you ready to have your status? Ok, read my article girls attitude status for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the best platform to represent yourself. Status is the awesome feature on it. So your status should be unique and different from others. Mainly girls are always tried to make their status with attitude for attention. You can keep your status on your DP with a photo. You can make it more creative. It will increase the beauty of your profile picture. Whatsapp is your most useful messaging app ever. So you need some attitude status to impress boys. You want to represent yourself with a different personality and different thoughts. It is possible on status.

But unfortunately, you have no more time to write your own status. You are busy with your work. Some have a lack of creativity. I understand your problems. So I want to share your girl’s attitude status. In the following lines, it is the collection of attitude status.


Interesting Attitudes status for girls:-

  • -Hate me or love me I will be in your mind or heart.
  • -I am sweet that’s why my name is a sweetie.
  • -God is so creative. You don’t believe!!! Then look at me.
  • -I am so confident because I keep my secret so confidential.
  • -Fall in love with me and test your progress of love in life.
  • -Don’t try to control me, I am not a remote. Just follow me to check my status.
  • -Status under construction, wait for some time.
  • -I am not single, I am in love with me.
  • -I may not be the best but I do not belong to the rest also.
  • -Girls are not beautiful, just beauty falls in them.
  • -I am not beautiful but brilliant, not cute but crazy, not sizzling but simple, not stylish but sweet.
  • -Don’t think me I will not come to your mind, I am in your heart.
  • -I say what I do, what I don’t say I definitely do that.
  • -If you reject me it is your not your choice, it is just you can’t handle me anymore.
  • -You don’t accept what you don’t afford. So don’t name it to your wish.


Crazy attitude status for whatsapp girls :-

  • -Hey here, WhatsApp is using me.
  • -You are not powerful, we make you. What’s a king without her queen.
  • -A girl may not be a queen to her husband but she is a princess of his father.
  • -Hey here!!! Are you searching for me??? I am here.
  • -Girls are very strong that’s why God gives her responsibility.
  • -I am happy because in the dictionary girls are before guys.
  • -I am happy being a girl because i am the most expensive creatures of God.
  • -Before loving a girl first learn how to give her the highest respect.
  • -East or West girls are best.
  • -I am what I am. I am not what others think.
  • -I am only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.
  • -I am not born to make all of you happy. Be yourself.
  • -My silence is not a weakness just I am one step back to make a jump
  • -I don’t know what will happen to boys without a girl.
  • -Standing alone is always better than standing with fake peoples.
  • -Girls are your goals so focus on the way you are going to achieve it.
  • -Before judging me please take my slippers and walk on my path.


Hello girls!! What’s up? I know you are quite happy with the post. Now you can give a unique status to your WhatsApp account. It will make you a creative personality. I hope you enjoyed the post with status. Just type or copy our status and add it to your WhatsApp. I wish you enjoyed girls attitude status for whatsapp. To get girls number then click here . Thank you for reading it.


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