6 Tips for Stronger Arms



A well-built body has many advantages. It shows that you are healthy andgives you surplus strength for daily activities, helps you develop resistance to disease, and last but not the least, it definitely makes you attractive in the eyes of anyone who happens to notice you. But, all of this needs hard work, just like every great thing in the world. You will need hours of exercise and diet, but the results will be worth it. Here are 6 tried and tested tips to help you achieve stronger arms. You can thank us later!


1. Stretching Before Contraction

The principle of this exercise is to allow arm muscles to spread a little longer before you allow it to contract. This is a definitive step towards helping you achieve bigger arms in lesser time, by virtue of making you capable of lifting more weight. You can do this with dumbbells facing the ground, which you can pull up and back of your arms before letting go and pushing them forward.


2. Spend Time on Your Triceps

The triceps are other parts of your arm muscle, that people normally ignore to work upon as much as they work on biceps. But you must work on them as well for perfect arms. To do this, you can work with a barbell, which you can lift up while lying on your back, bring it down again, and repeat the cycle for some 10-15 cycles.


Also working on different muscle groups in your body like shoulders, chest or abs have a positive effect on your biceps. As the biceps are engaged in the process. Thus, when you do pull ups, rowing (check out HomeRower.com), push-ups, deadlifts or any other workout; make sure that you are not working out your arm muscles too much.


3. Make Your Shoulders Look Bigger

These are other forgotten parts of your arm anatomy that should be ignored no longer. When you have exercised so that your shoulders look muscular, your whole arm ends up looking bigger, just the way you want. In order to achieve this, you should lift dumbbells, standing with your legs a little apart, knees and elbows slightly bent. You should lift and bring down the weights, in consecutive cycles.


4. Change the Way You Hold Your Equipment

Diversity always brings along new pluses, hence proved. By changing the positions of your digits and arms when you hold your weights, for example dumbbells, you can actually make your arms grow bigger and stronger in lesser time. You can do this by using your little fingers and thumbs towards the periphery of the dumbbell handlebar when you are lifting them, making your arms do harder work and hence grow faster.


5. You Do Not Have to Exercise Your Arms Exclusively Every Day of The Week

Overdoing exercise is always a no-no, as it puts excess pressure on the body faster than it can recover. This makes you feel pained, and you might have to stop exercising, hindering your muscle development routine. Take a day off to and relax on your e-sk8 boards. You need to do exclusive exercises for your arms no more than twice or thrice a week. If you are working your whole body out, your arms are getting exercise through drills for the other parts of your body as well.


6.Build Some ‘Critical Mass’ Before You Go for Specific Workouts

Critical mass is the primary amount of body bulk you have to accumulate in any part of your anatomy if you want to grow bigger in size. Once you have enough mass on your body, you can mould it in desired ways to get your dream shape. Therefore, it is advisable to work on accumulating this surplus bulk when you are a beginner, before you go for specific exercises to curate specific parts of your arm, or body. Exercises like the dead-lift and the pull-up help the most in this regard.


To ensure that you are not one of the crowd of shapelessly built individuals, hit the gym, and start working! Most people go for developing their arms first, as they are the most practically useful, and instantly attractive. Therefore, here we have outlined for you the perfect mantras to the get the arms of everyone’s fantasies.


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