The Ultimate Guide to the Various Perimeters of Press Release Distribution

press release distribution

Media coverage takes new and small businesses to new, successful perimeters. Enter press releases that increase brand awareness and public relations. But PRs need to be distributed wisely so that your stories are picked up by relevant media channels.

If you are interested to know the various components of a press release distribution, read on.

What is a PR distribution?

It is nothing but sending out business-related news in the form of a press release to various media houses and channels. This way, when the PR is shortlisted by a media house, they will publish it in their respective newspapers, blogs, or magazines as news or features. The publicity helps the business garner new audiences and thus, customers.

Press coverage will help you expand your brand name across the public. In fact, almost 44% of journalists believe that press releases are very trustworthy sources of business-related news or information.

Benefits of a press release

Boosts SEO

Reach the top spot of user searches by optimizing your press release. It is part of marketing tactics. Potential customers will find you online easily when they searching for information related to your product or company. Backlinks also help in the process immensely.

Drive Local Traffic

Press releases come in handy if you want to make a buzz about your business, a launch, or an event in the local scene.

Generates Sales

The various advantages of press release distribution end in one thing and that is the increase in sales. PR strategies keep on changing and varying based on many factors. No matter what the marketing plan of action is, the ultimate goal is to increase sales. If a PR distribution campaign is carried out wisely, a business will definitely receive the profit of hard work.

How to do PR distribution?

Once your press release is ready to be sent out, you must look for ways to stand out in the competition. This is a five-step guide to learning how:

  • Finding the right journalists
  • Getting their contact details
  • Crafting a compelling pitch
  • Making the press release captivating right from an attractive title
  • Making sure of the right timing of the distribution
  • Following up on your press release

Press Release Distribution Mistakes

A press release can still contain a lot of technical errors if it is not thoroughly checked before sending it out. Remember, that an unorganized PR full of errors gets discarded by journalists in an instance. You lose your chances of media coverage altogether. You can avoid the following mistakes during a PR distribution:

  • Do not make the PR too long
  • Do not send out your press release to the wrong media channels
  • Make sure that your story is newsworthy
  • Always attach your contact information

Should you send out press releases still?

In one word yes. Even though new businesses are tight on budgets and time, press release distribution can drastically transform their image and brand altogether. Also, press release distribution makes sure that you are addressing a large audience stream together, sometimes hitting the global platform. Just make sure to reach out to experts to guide you through the best strategies for a successful campaign.


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