Yahweh-Nissi Ministries – His Banner Over Us in These Appointed Times

YahwehNissi Ministries

(FastNewsMedia Editorial):- Pennsylvania , United States Feb 10, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Yahweh Nissi School of Ministry – His Banner Over Us in These Appointed Times

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Answer His Call

In the last few years, it seems that we have been tested and tried in unexpected ways.  Some have lost jobs, homes, and even loved ones unexpectedly.  It seems the way forward has been clouded by strife, division, and sickness.  Our life choices have gone from “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” to how will I need to adapt to today’s news.

When every day we are reminded of how fragile life can be and even lifelong relationships are tested life can seem overwhelming.  It may seem hard to follow our spiritual calling and purpose in such times.

We need to find a way forward that restores our inspiration and hope through everlasting principles and truths.  Through all the things around us that distract we seek a guide or leader.  A banner that will propel us forward on the chosen path while marking for His eternal kingdom the territory to be will be claimed and the enemy to be conquered.

Raise a Standard

Yahweh- Nissi means “Yahweh is our banner”.  Our Heavenly Father plants His banner on our path to proclaim that we are under His divine protection and are being led for His purposes.

Are you seeking to grow in His calling to proclaim this good news?  Do you find yourself searching for an intimate encounter with Yahweh such as Adam shared when he walked in the garden conversing with Yahweh in the cool of the day?

In a world of chaos confusion and fear Yahweh-Nissi School of Ministry invites you to step away from the turmoil of the headlines and transform your relationship with Yahweh through their course offerings.

Stay The Course

Our primary study program is a full, three-semester course that leads to ministerial license.  In addition, we also have many self-study courses to help you grow your relationship with Yahweh and gain personal knowledge and skills to fulfill your unique calling.

Courses can include practical information such as:

  • Writing non-fiction for ministry copy
  • Writing fictional works such as novels and children’s books.
  • Preaching and ministry lesson planning
  • How to systematically study The Bible.
  • Curriculum Development for K-12 and Adult Bible classes.

After you have completed your studies Yahweh School of Ministry provides resource materials to support your ministry and spiritual development.

Torah Time Digest is a unique inspired series of Sabbath lessons in several book collections.  These are useful for both personal growth and group study.  Connect each month with House of Prayer Ministry podcasts to hear live discussion of Sabbath lessons with ministry leaders and gain further insight and encouragement.

Find a spiritual foundation in a relationship with Yahweh that will be unshakable and rooted in The Bible with support of ancient historical texts that will laser focus your understanding of biblical events and people.  The school is based on a Hebrew Roots perspective while allowing each learner to be led into all truth by The Holy Spirit. (Set-Apart Spirit) of Yahweh.

Ministerial Licensing Courses are completed in 3 semesters:

  • Semester 1 focuses on your relationship with Yahweh. It is the core of biblical ministry and is required for effective ministry to others.
  • Semester 2 cultivates your relationship with the body of Messiah in that its teachings provide insightful knowledge to conduct intercessory prayer, principles of spiritual warfare, and counseling believers within the body.
  • Semester 3 provides the student with sound biblical principles to edify the body with preaching, teaching, and personal growth. It also includes instruction for writing lesson plans and ministry publications.

Begin your journey into a deeper more meaningful faith walk today. 

Classes are affordable and enrollment is easily completed online.  For your convenience courses can be completed in an asynchronous format at the pace that is best fits your schedule.  There are 3 separate semesters for the ministerial license completion, but all other classes can be chosen and completed as single courses.

Let today be your banner day, enroll in Yahweh Nissi School of Ministry and walk forward with a stronger faith, deeper understanding, and prepared for every good work.  Establish His banner over you at www.YHWHNissi.com

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