Successfully Cut the Cord with GiGstreem and Roku



As the price of cable TVcontinues to increase, many subscribers are finding other means of watching their favorite shows. Digital Media Players are today’s trend of receiving television and movie content. They are rapidly replacing traditional dish, box, and wire services.


What is Cutting the Cord?

Cutting the Cord is whencable and satellite customers canceltheir subscription-based services. Comcast, DirecTV, and Dish Network are all suffering losses. These users are turning to devices like the Roku Streaming Stick.


What is Roku?

Roku is a digital media player that allows users to access popular streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube TV through a Wi-Fi internet connection.



GiGstreem is a Perfect Fit with Roku

GiGstreem is an Internet Service Provider that serves specific communities in New York City, Baltimore,Greenville, and Orlando. They offer three different internet service pricing models to meet your individual needs.


Benefits of Connecting Roku with GiGstreem

Internet Service Providers differ in the speed they offer, what they include with their service, andprice.


  • Higher Internet Speed – GiGstreem offers flexible user provisioned speeds. 150Mb download speed,up to a super-fast 1GiG. However, download speed is only half of the picture.
  • Symmetrical Speeds– Symmetry is when both upload and download speeds to be equal.Most companies offer a 25Mb download speed, and an unequal 12Mb upload speed. GiGstreem internet services are symmetrical. If you have 150Mb download, you will have 150Mb upload. If you have our 1GiG download speed, you will have a 1GiG upload speed.
  • NO Data Caps – Watching TV and movies with a media player device, like Roku, uses quite a bit of data. Many companies place caps on your plan and charges you if you go over your limit. GiGstreem has no data caps.
  • NO forced bundles or hardware – Most providers have unbreakable bundled packages. With GiGstreem you are not forced to pay for services that you don’t need. All their hardware includes Wi-Fi capability, no extra equipment to purchase.


GiGstreem the Choice for Roku Devices

After you cut the cord, ensure that you can still watch your favorite shows. Roku devices allow you to stream most online streaming services. GiGstreem allows you to get the most from your digital media player offering symmetrical speeds with no data caps. GiGStreem plus your Roku device equals guilt-free binge-watching for you and your family.Ready to save money on your cable bill and sign up with GiGstreem? Visit their communities page to sign up!



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