The Gunmen of Nigeria killed many cinema-goers in Zamfara

Image caption Vigilante groups and cattle rustlers have led to a number of clashes in Zamfara State

Gunmen have attacked a cinema throughout Nigeria’s north-western Zamfara State, killing eleven people and injuring more than 20, witnesses and hospital sources told this to BBC.

The suspected armed bandits launched fire at a village hall, wherever residents gather at night to view films.

The cinema-goers panicked, many fled from with multiple gunshot wounds or shattered bones, according to witnesses.

Amnesty International has warned about the escalating abuse in the area.

It is not really clear why the cinema was precise, but villages in Zamfara State currently have come under heavy attack from informed bandits in recent months.

Witnesses the attackers arrived in the village connected with Badarawa on foot on 12 September before on the way to the hall, known because of a viewing center.

Hospital sources point out some of the victims’ injuries are usually life-threatening, while the dead have presently been buried.

The police say safety measures personnel has been deployed to find typically the assailants.

Nearly 400 people have also been killed in the state this season amid a rise in robbery, killings, and kidnappings for ransom, according to the privileges group Amnesty.


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