Emotions Are Polarized From Grey To Golden Like Never Before With The Demise Of The Great Diego Maradona

Image Credit – Times Of India


On 30 October this year, Diego Maradona was asked which birthday gift he is going to prefer this time. He replied by saying that he would want to score another goal of Hand of God against England but will use the right hand this time.

On 26th November, a permanent part of childhood has ended for many football fans. This is an unrelenting and strange year but till the very end, Maradona was having fun. He is always short of breath and wheezing away as he dragged his unattractive bulk with a gravelly voice within the frame of five-feet-five tall. He had some managerial spells in obscure and strange clubs in Argentina and Mexico in the last one and a half years and one got the feeling that it was coming to an end.

He was the greatest escape artist of football as he poked fun at the English for one last time. He has been a misguided rebel in sports who is mostly human, flawed, and misdirected. He is bullish and balletic with an unruly mop of hair when he first arrived as a footballer as the Golden boy has promised unimaginably. He was handed divine status instantly in Argentina which was starved in the late 70s. The jolted awake to his impeccable talent and was an answer to Pele from Brazil. He has got a deceptive look in his eyes that was angelic looking. Everybody knew he was very special and was touched as the great footballer emerged.

He was fantastic and had the swagger and strut and there was more to it than just a great footballer. He has polarized emotions like no other public figure. He inspired adoration and loathing in equal measures. He is the most celebrated and loved footballer and oscillated between legal, cheating, fair play, unacceptable, and flirted with the idea of being right or wrong.

He was the stocky No. 10 and his exploits in the 1986 World Cup combined the cheekiness of the playground with the sunniness in being athletic. He was one of the most recognized faces in the world and entered the popular consciousness by crossing over from the realm of the playfield.

After four years, he arrived as a clinical version of himself in the 1990 World Cup and it was a fading star but more kids were trying to emulate him and failing miserably.

His name became the affectionate byword in the showboating of the game of football before Messi arrived along with Christiano Ronaldo after a very long time. Kids were rebuked for going for the outrageous with a football and failing to do a Maradona. It is a great compliment for an icon who has been the cynosure of millions.

But eventually, a cocaine addict and drug cheat were wheeled to the hospital as people prayed with candles in the hand waiting for the inevitable to happen.


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