Patrick Kogler is now coaching start-ups – An interview with the successful entrepreneur

Start-Up Coach, Patrick Kogler

Today we meet the successful Entrepreneur, Online Marketing Coach and, most recently, Start-Up Coach, Patrick Kogler. The young man has managed, at just 26 years, to build a completely autonomous infrastructure for himself. We are curious about what he will tell us today about his various businesses and how it came that he now coaches start-up companies.

1. Patrick, nice that you take your time for a conversation with us! You are very busy with your different projects and business ideas.

Yes, no problem, I’m glad to be here! I have to say that at the moment it´s actually going very well for me. I’ve been in the game for over 8 years, and during that time, I’ve always worked consistently and developed myself and my business ideas.

2. Does that mean you have been self-employed since you were 18?

Exactly, with barely 18 years I dared the leap into self-employment and I did never regret it until today!

3. For the information for our readers – You have your own website. What´s the name of it?

The name of my website is

Here you will find all the information about my self-developed, individually tailored to each participant

4P COACHING (4 phase coaching), as well as feedback from the participants and a detailed curriculum vitae from me. Incidentally, my coaching can be booked for private individuals, groups and companies.

4. We’ve heard that you’ve been coaching some start-up companies lately. How did that happen?

I had not planned that at the beginning of my career. Due to my many years of experience in entrepreneurship, I am very familiar with the entrepreneur multiplication table. That has probably been talked around. That’s why many companies have come to me lately and asked me for a coaching in areas like online positioning, branding and strategically building up a company. I also support the companies with valuable connections. Because of my network, which I have built up over the years, I have very good contacts in various industries. In the field of media positioning on Instagram and Facebook, I have, as I would say, the best contact in the whole of Europe. I’m really very thankful to have such great connections.

5. What is more important to you personally? To have as many contacts as possible or the quality of your contacts?

I have a lot of contacts but I pay close attention to the quality, not only in my business contacts but in all people, in all my areas of life.

6. Interesting! Trust probably plays a big role, right?

Yes exactly. Of course, trust comes first. I attach great importance to the fact that the basis of trust is always right on both sides. I am known for my direct, open and honest nature and have noticed that because of that, people trust me pretty quickly.

7. Is it true that one of your start-ups you´re coaching is even on the TV show “The Cave of the Lions”?

Yes, you have the right information! I have to admit that I’m a little bit proud of being part of this show, because I´ve been watching the show for years. I’m very curious about how it will work for us there. In my opinion, the start-up has extremely high chances for a very good deal!

8. Wow, we are very excited! Will you keep us informed?

Of course! I will keep you informed on my website and my social media channels. Incidentally, I’m happy about every single follower!

9. Thank you, Patrick, for the great conversation! We wish you much success for the future!

Many thanks for the invitation! Same to you!

If you want to know more about Patrick Kogler, you can find all the important information on his website or on Instagram under pkogler18 and Facebook under Patrick Kogler.


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