Achieving More than Most at 18: the Kordestani Story

Milan Kordestani

The typical life of an 18-year-old revolves around college, part-time jobs, or socializing with friends. Very few opt for a life-path less traveled. Those who do, go on to become icons of their generation and have some incredible stories to tell.

Meet Milan Kordestani, an equestrian, agriculturalist, serial entrepreneur, and a sophomore student. What most of his contemporaries can only dream of accomplishing in their respective futures, Milan has already achieved by the age of 18. And while pursuing a business degree at Colorado College, no less.

While most people know him as a popular equestrian, Milan Kordestani is a serial entrepreneur who founded Milan Farms, Guin Records, and now, a mobile application called Dormzi.

It all started with his deep love for animals and farm life in the early years of his life. However, as a resident of the tech-dominated community of Silicon Valley, it was not easy to steer away from technology and go down the route of becoming a farmer. With the support, encouragement, and guidance of his parents, Milan started with raising poultry and growing saffron in his backyard. Milan believes it is essential to focus on a natural way of rearing farm animals so that consumers can enjoy quality produce. In 2015, Milan established the Milan Farms – an enterprise that raises poultry and practices a purely organic system combining aquaponics, hydroponics and drip irrigation to grow 100% pure saffron. Currently, Milan Farms comprises of three separate farms which export saffron across the world and farm-fresh eggs all across the West Coast of the United States.

Once his farm business had settled into the rhythm of a well-oiled business, Milan ventured into launching a record label along with his sister Misha Kordestani. The siblings, who love to listen to new and emerging artists, realized that most aspiring musicians lack the platform to showcase their talent, despite being extremely talented. And Guin Records was their solution to this conundrum. The label is aimed at paving the way for up-and-coming rap and hip-hop artists.

Milan’s latest venture is Dormzi –  a mobile app aimed at addressing the most common yet largely support-less issues that college students face on campus. The app lets students help each other out with tasks that they need to be done on a daily basis like laundry, cleaning dorm rooms, tutoring, etc. for a small fee. It is an effective way to help students within a university connect with each other while also earning a bit of money on the side. The app is currently at the beta testing stage and is expected to roll out on Android and iOS devices very soon.

While most youngsters dream of starting their own ventures, Milan Kordestani is a living example of someone who has taken his adolescent dreams and fulfilled them without waiting to turn what society deems as the ‘right age’. Being an entrepreneur is no easy task and as an 18-year old, it is a daunting challenge that is commendable, to say the least. It is a lesson for all aspiring entrepreneurs that shows that all it takes is conviction and the ability to put in the hard work. Milan Kordestani is living proof that age is, after all, just a number!

Contributed by Karishhma Mago


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