THQ Nordic Along With One Of The Original Creators Of Timesplitters Hinted A New Game is in Process


THQ Nordic has announced a lot of interesting projects but the news which caught the attention of all is that a new TimeSplitters Game in Development from THQ Nordic. The game will see its first release since 2005’s TimeSplitters: Future Perfect and has got all shooter fans on toes.

TimeSplitters is one of the most beloved first-person shooter series which is all about traveling through time and taking different enemies. The game of the series has gained popularity for its humor, level design and multiplayer modes. TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is the third game with a full cinematic approach and has some catchy set-pieces and witty jokes throughout the single-player mode. The free for all games were structurally interesting with many multiplayer modes that included attack and defend objective modes and team deathmatch. All three games were released on Play station, Xbox and Game Cube.

TimeSplitters recently acquired spotlight when an independent development team declared that they were working on the HD remake of the classic multiplayer. The project has already been attacked by various legal issues and is looking out for ways to get over the complications.

The new game, TimeSplitters: Rewind is in its initial development stage and still in a dilemma whether it will see the light or not. Information on the new game seems to be rootless and will be much more than just an HD remake.

THQ Nordic acquired the TimeSplitters franchise last year and has been busy buying development studios and talent. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the announcement and are hopeful to see something exciting soon.


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