Early Access On Steam Gets Drone Strike Force; Game Development Will Take A Year To Happen


Odisi Games’ new title, The Drone Strike Force Enters Early Access On Steam  in the Early Access Program.

The developer expects that for one year it will be on Early Access.

Players would not be able to get the experience of the game fully for Early Access. Game modes which are three in number consisting of two maps in total are enjoyed while playing the game. The modes of the game include King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch and Domination.

The in-game currency for the game helps in acquiring as many as nine drones. Every drone is capable enough and can be customized according to needs. For example, there are load-outs and skills along with 14 items and different weapons seven in number.

As per the plans of the developer, more content is intended to add to the version of Early Access. For smooth functioning and experience of gameplay, the technical aspect is of more concern to them.

More game modes and maps are added to the planned content and the three modes that already exist are kept apart. Apart from these more and more options are added along with skills and items, drones and weapons and also load-outs.

It is their objective to create a game that is very well balanced in a multiplayer format.

Participation is encouraged for those signing up for the Early Access Program. Feedbacks are expected from the players as well report bugs can be added to Reddit, Twitter and other social networks like Discord.

Drone strike Force can be best described as a royale action shooter battle with the help of drones in Call of Duty.

It is in the 21st century’s middle period that the timeline belongs to. Countries have taken a backseat as corporations are deciding upon mankind’s fate as they are exercising the power. They are instrumental in making the unmanned drones increase their potential as machines that can kill perfectly. With the help of Drone Brain Meld Interface or DBMi, the drone can be controlled in the best way possible.

You can watch the gameplay for Drone strike Force so that you can know about the game and get a proper and much better feel of it.

The number of times the battle is won, you will get the advantage of securing more perks and get your drone updated.

According to information received from PCGamesN, an all-new dimension is added to the Drone Strike Force as per the typical movements of the commands. As an example, there are X and Y are the two axes for movement in Call of Duty. The vertical axis, that is Z is added to the new game. It is important and necessary considering all aspects because the battleground comprises air and space is the place where you can move up and down. The players, however, need to get used to it.


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