The Myanmar military has failed to quell protests four months after the coup



Image Credit – TOI


The supporters of Myanmar’s pro-democracy took to the streets on Tuesday in several districts as the fighting started between the army and the anti-junta militias raged in border areas. This has happened four months after the military has ousted an elected government in a coup.

Despite a ferocious crackdown on the security forces, the military of Myanmar is still struggling to impose the order after arresting Aung San Suu Kyi and other senior leaders of her party and it has sparked nationwide protests and paralyzing strikes.

Anti-military protestors staged a March in Laung Lone in the far south of Myanmar according to photographs posted by media outlets on social media.

For the time being, in the commercial hub of Yangon, a group of protesters who are mainly young rallied in the districts of Kamayut according to photographs posted by media outlets on the news portal.

One of the protestors has said that this is not over yet and their turn will come shortly. The demonstrators who are in the urban areas have had to become more nimble to avoid the security forces often staging small unannounced protests and also flash mobs after holding larger rallies in the first months after the coup were often met with live rounds firing by security forces.

The conflict between the military and the ethnic minority armies is a decade old and it has also reignited since the coup. Ethnic militias have allied with the shadow of the civilian government and have stepped up attacks on the army. This move has been responded to with heavy weapons and also airstrikes that have forced thousands to flee.

Mobile phone footage has been obtained from a resident in Kayah state bordering Thailand has shown what appeared to be artillery being fired from inside the state capital Loikaw into Demoso which is about 14.5 km away, where a People’s Defense Force had attacked troops and have been coming under heavy fire.

According to residents of Loikaw, 50 rounds have been fired on Monday and six on Tuesday morning.


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