FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg slammed TikTok saying it censored political protests

Image Credits- Hírflow

While delivering a speech at Georgetown University in Washington, FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg offered harsh words for the rapidly growing Chinese app TikTok saying it censored political protests including in the United States.

TikTok is one of Facebook’s rising competitors and Zuckerberg stated that Facebook and Whatsapp are being used by protests and activists everywhere due to strong encryption and privacy protections. However, on the China-based app mentions of these same protests are censored including in the United States he added.

Reportedly TikTok has denied the censor’s content by saying that it is not influenced by any foreign government.

Facebook and TikTok are going through a neck to neck competition among the millennials. TikTok allows the users to create and upload short singing and dancing videos based on recent popular songs along with several special effects fitters.

In a leaked video where Zuckerberg was speaking to his company employees, the CEO was heard saying that TikTok is the first Chinese product to be so widely popular globally and also amongst the young folks in the United States.

The speech represented one of Zuckerberg’s strongest oppose towards China to date and came out just after two weeks after Marco Rubio, who is the Senator had asked a United States national security panel to review Beijing ByteDance Technology’s acquisition of Music.ly Inc which is also owned by the TikTok owner.

He further argued to say that the Chinese Government is using TikTok to censor politically sensitive content.

Rubio in his letter requesting the review wrote that although Hong Kong’s protests are dominating the headlines internationally, the app only has a few videos related to the protests. He also noted that all Chinese owned apps are strictly being used to censor content and silence topics which have been marked sensitive byte Chinese Government as well as the Communist Party.

Until recently it was only Facebook which was dominating the global market for bringing the people together but with the launch of ByteDance which is China’s fastest-growing start-up, things are taking a different shape.

ByteDance not only owns the country’s leading news aggregator Jinri Toutiao but also TikTok which has influenced several celebrities including Ariana Grande and Katy Perry to participate along with numerous United States teenagers.


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