Can colony collapse be stopped by the Internet of things?

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A digital swarm of bees can be taken to understand why the number of pollinating insects and the number of bees is getting reduced.

According to Tieto Oyj, the Nordic consultant in software went on to place sensors in two of the beehives that are in Sweeden, which connects 80,000 bees in each of the beehives along with the Internet. The data from the hives are sent to the servers that are placed offsite which can be accessed with remotes that will happen in real-time and the algorithms in artificial intelligence can be used so that the information is analyzed.

According to Tieto, technology can be used so that the number of bees can be tracked, the viability of the community is judged and the quantity of honey production can also be tracked. It is a great contribution to biodiversity conservation as well as research according to Mikael Ekstrom who is a beekeeper and a digitization consultant here at Tieto. The benefits of a society that is digitized are also shown in the project.

Because of the effects of pesticides every year, a large number of honeybees die. The death of honeybees is also due to climate change, poor nutrition, vanishing habitats which are potentially disastrous for natural diversity and agriculture and has adverse consequences. Slaughtering of bees.

It is time that humans learn to restore the beehives by getting under the skin of the problem and make an effort to try and understand why their numbers are decreasing and how the help can be offered he was found saying through a response to a question that came via e-mail. According to the Modern internet of things like cloud services, artificial intelligence and technology through which we get the tools so that information is collected and are executed in the related areas.

The first bee vaccine in the world has been invented in Finland.

Tieto has collaborated along with HSB Living Lab and with two other connected beehives which are located in Kalmar and Gothenburg which are two important Swedish cities. The project is small scale according to Ekstrom who said that Tieto has engaged in a discussion with the National Beekeepers Association of Sweeden to take measures for scaling up the project nationwide.

According to him, the very rapid technology evolution is working in favor of them.


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