Chris Cuomo Gets Into Verbal Altercation With A Man On His Show Cuomo Prime Time



According to the reports of Page Six, the incident of Mr. Chris Cuomo threatening a man who was repeatedly calling him ‘Fredo’, has created an embarrassing situation for the CNN executives, yet they are standing by Chris.

In a videotape that went viral shows how Chris Cuomo Gets Into Verbal Altercation  with another man. All of this started when the Cuomo Prime Time host Chris said to a man that referring an Italian-American as a ‘Godfather’ is as insulting as using the ‘N-word’. In the videotape, Chris called the man a ‘punk-a** b*tch’, and also threatened to knock him down the stairs.

According to an insider who is close to the CNN executives, the CNN leaders feel that whatever Cuomo did was ‘Great’, and they also believe that due to Chris’s friendship with the president Jeff Zucker, he would get a great pass.

Another insider reportedly said that top brass feels that though it is fine to stand up against disrespecting individuals, yet the incident went too far down.  As revealed by the insider to Page Six, that the whole incident wasn’t considered as something too bad, but it gave the political rivals to throw mud at CNN and its members.

President Donald Trump took the incident lightly and said that according to him also Chris was Fredo. He also added that ‘truth hurts’ and mentioned that CNN was facing low ratings.

On the other hand, Chris was backed up by CNN and they claimed that the other man was intentionally trying to fuel him up using an ‘ethnic slur’. Their spokesperson and representatives stated that Cuomo has their complete support.

If the other man in the videotape intentionally created this mess, this wouldn’t be the first case of someone trying to do this kind of cheap stunt with a famous celeb or public figure.

On a previous occasion, when a man entered in a bar and confronted Machine Gun Kelly with a video camera, he was brutally beaten up by the artist’s crew. It was that time when MGK had just finished his fierce conflict with rapper Eminem.



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