The Kill Rate of COVID-19 across Countries Revealed

Image Credits – Statista

New studies have implied that The death rate caused by the COVID-19 virus is at 0.66% which also includes both confirmed and non-confirmed cases across the globe. However, in separate studies, the death rate of confirmed cases is at 1.38%.

In India, authorities are worried that even with very little rise in the curve, all their preventive plans can get ruined as per new studies that show that the whole country is afflicted by mass hysteria.

Another study that was published a few days back on the journal, The Lancet Infectious Diseases said that the death date for the virus could be potentially less than what was estimated previously.

The new study was led by British researchers on all those people who were infected and were also cured. These patients, however, did not have any severe symptoms nor did they get tested. The findings of this case were concluded after analyzing various coronavirus positive cases in China.

As said earlier, confirmed and non-confirmed cases both constitute about 0.66% death rate caused by COVID-19. On the other hand, confirmed cases have delivered a 1.38% death rate.

From the various estimates that have been revealed through studies across countries, the death rate of confirmed cases stands somewhere between 2% and 8% whereas that of overall cases between 0.2% and 1.6%.

The research took place with thousands of confirmed cases in Wuhan, China, also where the virus was first identified. Hundreds of patient data from the city were also collected and used as important resources in the study.

Many studies are being carried out across the globe but one pattern that was seen common to all was age. It is revealed that worldwide, 20% of all people who were above 80 and tested positive for COVID-19 needed hospitalization, whereas the same stood at only 1% for people under 30 years of age.

Researchers have carried out another study that may affect countries with a large aging population to a certain extent. It has been said that although the mortality rates are lower than what was estimated earlier, the COVID-19 global scare is much more deadly than other pandemic-causing viruses like the H1N1.


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