The season for cherry blossom in Japan has been wilted by the pandemic coronavirus

Image Credits – The Economic Times

Hanami is The Japanese name for the season of viewing cherry blossom. By this time of the year, the Japanese people along with millions of global tourist should have started enjoying the ethereal natural phenomenon.

For Japan, this is a very important time of the year both culturally as well as economically.

People get together with their friends and family and it happens to be the best opportunity on Instagram for the new generation.

But the coronavirus pandemic this year meant the cancellation of events as the visitors from foreign countries is staying away from it.

Katsuhiro Miyamoto, who is from Kansai University has highlighted the financial impact of the phenomenon hanami. Hanami has got a huge financial effect on Japan’s economy every year.

It has been estimated that in the cherry blossom season the country is visited by almost 8.5 million tourists last year between the period March and May and the revenue earned by Japan was 650 billion yen which is $6 billion or £5.2 billion.

Seijiro Takeshita who is from the University of Shizuoka has drawn a line to emphasize the gatherings where people make merry while drinking and eating and stated that it is crucial for the economy of Japan.

He also said that a phrase is generally used which goes like ‘the wallet becomes loose’ which in other words means that people has got a high propensity to go for extravagant expenditure and spending.

The professor from the Japanese varsity Takeshita has given an explanation for the season of cherry blossom which has got a broader significance. He said that there is a lot of emotional attachment in this viewing of the season of flowers. It has also got a lot of cultural relevance and has a whole lot of historical facts to back it.

Although the hanami events have been canceled for this year all across Japan, as an attempt is being made by the authority to slow down the coronavirus spread.

Yuriko Koike, who is Tokyo’s governer, briefed the media last week and urged the people from abstaining from holding traditional parties. A reference was also made by Mr. Koike at the same time, by putting light on hanami’s cultural importance and she also went on to say that it is like avoiding hugs from Italian people.

It is expected quite rightfully by professor Miyamoto so that the pandemic can be tackled as the tourism number will be hit hard in this season as the revenue has slipped to more than one third which is also less than 400 billion yen.

He also concluded by saying that it is still not gloomy and doomsday as once the outbreak of coronavirus will be over the season for cherry blossom in Japan will come back to life once again.


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