UAE Breaks Records with Building COVID-19 Testing Lab Capable Of Doing Thousands Of Tests Per Day In Just Fourteen Days

Image Credits – Gulf News

World’s top genomics company BGI and Abu Dhabi’s biggest technology companies Group 42 and G42 had publicized to the world on March 31st, that to deal with the present crisis they are launching a new laboratory with the latest technology, to diagnose Coronavirus cases in the United Arab Emirates.

After China, this lab is the biggest and most efficient in terms of conducting tens of thousands of RT-PCR tests per day. With the conscientious efforts from BGI and G42 to fight against the ongoing pandemic, UAE was able to build this advanced lab in just fourteen days in Masdar City. According to WHO, UAE stands as the most tested country per capita.

This world-class facility will provide the people of Abu Dhabi and the UAE with accurate PCR tests. The CEO of G42, Peng Xiao thanked the UAE leaders for their efforts to secure the health and wellbeing of the people of the country amid the outbreak. They are determined to exercise all their technical expertise and international resources to offer a massive scale testing facilities with fast detection of suspected cases, rapid screening of close contacts, accurate diagnosis, and release of recovered patients.

The testing kits offered by the lab has received approval from the WHO, Europe (CE-IVD), China (NMPA), and the United States (FDA) and is capable of detecting COVID-19 causing virus SARS-COV-2.

BGI and G42 joined forces in December 2019 for Population Genome Program by the Department of Health- Abu Dhabi is now paving the path with producing medical goods, thermal sensors and much more with their top-notch technology, in the global fight against COVID-19 crisis.

Co-founder and Chairman of BGI Group, Wang Jian promised that with the help of their partner G42 they will be able to offer the people of the UAE and the world with their best technology and experience. Though the lab will initially mainly do testing within the country but will soon be able to scale up to receive samples from other countries. The lab plans to thoroughly monitor any virus mutation and detect new pathogens with high-throughput sequencing soon, utilizing their groundbreaking technology.


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