Tension Rise As Putin And Biden Meet For The June Summit


Image Credit – Times Of India


Joe Biden, the President of the United States, and Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia on Tuesday have agreed to meet in Geneva next month. It is going to be a face-to-face encounter and the White House is hoping that it will help bring some predictability to the fraught relationship that has only worsened in the first months of the Democratic administration.

The June 16 summit is tacked on to the end of the first international trip by Biden as President. He is also going to visit Britain for a meeting of world leaders on Group of Seven and also attend the NATO summit in Brussels.

The agenda is very much expected to include the discussion of Russian action in the neighboring country Ukraine and the forced diversion of the Lithuania-bound flight by the Russian ally Belarus this week and efforts are being made by both the nations to stem the coronavirus pandemic and many more things.

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary has said that no preconditions have been set for the meeting.

A low expectation has been set by the White House for the meeting. It is not expected to lead to any kind of breakthroughs- and one must let alone any kind of reset of relations between the US and Russia that has been pursued by the old boss of Biden, Barack Obama, or the very curious bonhomie of the Trump-Putin relationship.

Officials have said that Biden who as a candidate and quite early in his presidency has warned that he expects the relationship to remain complicated and is trying hard to find some common ground on the path forward with his adversary.

The Kremlin has said that both the presidents will discuss the current state and prospects of the US-Russian relations and also the strategic stability issues.


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