Get to Know the Pros and Cons of A Press Release Service

IssueWire press release service

In modern-day businesses and market place, digital content like press release plays a vital role in marketing. To reach more target audience, gain exposure and eventually, for the growth of a business, PR is one of the handiest, convenient and effective options. However, availing of a press release service can appear a little confusing since there are plenty of websites providing this service. Also, there are multiple ways to promote your business or sales other than press release services. Now that you have found yourself in the dilemma of whether you should go for it or not let’s undergo a better understanding of this.

Considering the paramount importance and drawbacks, here are some pros and cons of Press Release Service –


  • Price – The first and most important thing about any service is the price or cost of it. PR costs much less than video marketing and advertisement. So it is a fair and budget-friendly option to be availed by everyone.
  • Refined content – PR is a crispy and clean piece of content that conveys the most important attractive sides of the company or business to gather attention from the readers and potential customers. It also consists of necessary information and a boilerplate about the company which makes PR one of the most refined and reliable content for marketing. 
  • Attract journalists – The journalistic tone and upfront approach of press releases attract journalists very much and help them verify the facts. Thus, your content earns more legitimacy and if published by a renowned journalist of a similar industry, your business becomes the center of attraction.  
  • Build Links and SEO – By incorporating the keyword in the content, a PR can greatly help in search engine optimization (SEO). As a result, the content gains more online visibility and so does the company. PR comes with inbound links which can retrieve interested customers into the official website of the business. So ranking high on the search engine result page(SERP) becomes easier along with potential exposure.
  • Marketing content for other areas – PR is the content that is crafted with utmost professionalism and efficiency. This content is not only a marketing tool but also can be repurposed as a social media post, description, or simply add it to your landing page. It will directly or indirectly boost the online presence of the website.


  • Not always cost-effective – PR is definitely budget-friendly but the pricing can range drastically considering the distribution network. If you want the PR to be published on top-tier newswire platforms then it is going to cost you much. 
  • Difficult to measure – Modern marketing techniques like social media marketing, video marketing, etc come along with different features and analytics to precisely measure the difference after promotion. PR is more of an old-school technique which makes it hard to determine how many new leads have generated. 
  • Communication gap – A press release is quite formal that contains technical details and official information. For an average reader, this could seem unappealing. That is why blogs are needed to make an enjoyable and personal approach. 

Now that you are aware of both sides, you can come up with a better decision.