Aspiring Artist NOA AON is Bringing Transformation with ‘Volume 21 Live from Imagine Festival’


(FastNewsMedia Editorial):- Atlanta, Oct 1, 2018 ( – NOA AON is one of the renounced artists in the music world. His produces a transformative music that sits on the perception of reflection. His songs carry out the theme of freedom and movement. Through his music, he conveys the message to his listeners that there is no middle way in life one must carry out his work on time. He never let the listeners sit idle rather his music makes the listeners tap their feet on the dance floor. His song, Volume 21 Live from Imagine Festival Atlanta brings lots of changes in the listeners life and make their life move in the positive side. His songs are highly appreciated by the listeners.

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NOA AON songs have vintage dance vibe and add multi-layers of energy and the colours in the songs are executed in an unexpectedly effective way. The music in the songs creates a beautiful musical ambiance. The way the riff and synth intertwine and mixes which creates a vast and warm ocean of sound and the rhythm of the songs fills the room. The music in Volume 21 Live from Imagine Festival Atlanta is simple which are entrancing and the contrast well with the detail and complexity which surrounds the listeners.  The music in his songs is beautiful and the hooks work brilliantly. The tracks achieve a fine balance between infectious hook and rhythms.

The lyrics in NOA AONs songs grow stronger as the songs progress and thus connect more deeply with the audience. The soundscape in Volume 21 Live from Imagine Festival Atlanta keeps moving which holds the attention of the listeners tightly. He received amazing feedback for his songs. Some of his other songs are NOAMOVEMENT Volume 20- life from Orlando, Dark Room, Havana, and many others. If you like his music and want to get more updates then follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, and Soundcloud.   

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