Versatile Artist Bax’s New YouTube Music Video of ‘Tables Turnin’ will Captivate Music Fans


(FastNewsMedia Editorial):- Dallas, Oct 3, 2018 ( – Young and fiercely talented artist Bax from Dallas is all set to make music fans groove to his eclectic R&B and soul song Tables Turnin. He has recently released the official music video of this music piece on YouTube that has by no time grabbed the attention of global music lovers. Bax is very innovative and masters on both hip hop and rhythm & blues and soul genres. What makes him stand out from other artists in the zone is his quintessential lyricism and insightful interpretation beautifully placed amidst melodious music score. The music video of Tables Turnin is extremely captivating and is indeed a visual treat shot in one of the most happening nightclub in the States.

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Bax is a rising rap icon who has the ability to rap in a unique style. When it comes to singing, Bax has an extremely alluring voice texture that has the ability to hook music lovers. His overall presence, body language and every other attribute can be closely witnessed in the music video of Tables Turnin. The video is created especially for the youths and displays the trending cultures.

Producer Drago has proved his production genius with the music video of Tables Turnin. Right from the music score to every shot and the cast is perfect. The melodious R&B and soul music score blended with subtle rap singing by Bax sets the tone for the single. If you are looking for an opportunity to confess your strong feelings to your lady love, you must watch the Youtube music video of Tables Turnin.  Whether it is  Baxs poignant looks, dancing moves or his singing style, he truly nails the video. Bax is also very active on Twitter and Instagram. Follow him to know about his latest events. Also, dont forget to tune to his music pieces on SoundCloud.

Enjoy this wonderful music video:

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