Sonospine – Mid-State Partner In Healthcare High Performance Network

(FastNewsMedia Editorial):- Scottsdale, Oct 8, 2018 ( – A fast-track healthcare High-Performance Network has expanded with a formal agreement between insurer The Mid-State Group and Sonospine LLC, a multi-location neurosurgical center.

The two companies have partnered to offer self-insured and workers compensation clients the benefits of Sonospines advanced ultrasonic procedures, with expedited appointments, minimally invasive surgery, concierge care, lower costs, fast recovery and improved functionality.

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Were honored and excited about working with some of the top neurosurgeons in the world to provide unparalleled care to employees who are suffering from back and neck pain, said John Basten, president of The Mid-State Group. The network allows employers to enhance their benefits offering by giving employees the best care while lowering their overall costs of health care.


Sonospine® is a premier provider for minimally disruptive spine surgery, with sites in Virginia, Washington D.C. and Scottsdale, Arizona. The Sonospine® Sonosculpt technique allows neurosurgeons access to the spinal canal with less disruption of bone, joints, and other tissues. Once the pain source has been pinpointed, advanced ultrasonic instruments precisely sculpt away bone and disc to restore your spines normal anatomy, decompressing nerves and relieving pain.

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Typical recovery is 6-8 weeks with Sonospine procedures as compared with 6 months with some spinal fusion surgeries, at a fraction of the cost. Sonospine is constantly working to improve neck and back pain solutions and holds 22 patent claims in ultrasonic surgery, all with the goal of improving patients lives. 

We operate under the belief that surgery can and should be better, said Dr. Dilan Ellegala, founder. Sonospine isnt even about doing surgery…its about doing the right thing.



In Lynchburg and across the country, employers witness the costs of employee benefit plans go up year after year. Employees endure healthcare costs outflanking wages and inflation. One powerful cost containment solution is a High-Performance Network (HPN), an exclusive narrow group of premier healthcare providers to serve a defined patient population. An HPN serves as an alternate tier within a companys group health network to encourage employees to use specific proven providers with outstanding medical outcomes for certain treatments or procedures.

The Mid-State Group assembled one of Virginia’s first High-Performance Network (HPN) to benefit local employees and employers. This streamlined healthcare superhighway provides companies with fully insured, self-insured and captive benefit plans a fast-track exit ramp from conventional managed care networks. The Mid-State HPN also offers employees directly, affordable access to leading evidence-based providers for back surgery, physical rehabilitation, radiology, and urgent care.

Employees work hard to provide for their families and they deserve the very best in healthcare when an injury or illness arises, said John Basten. We built the HPN so our client’s employees can have quick, easy access to excellent quality local and national medical providers such as Sonospine to ensure employees can recover quickly to enjoy all that life has to offer.

A key cost containment target is reducing group health and workers compensation costs, Basten added. Group health benefits and workers comp, in actuality, are two sides of the same coin. Whether an employee gets sick or hurts on or off work, a medical issue must be addressed regardless of whether the claim impacts the benefits or workers comp plans.

Mid-State also utilizes Value-Based Insurance Design (V-BID) aims to increase health care quality and decrease costs by using financial incentives within strategic plan design to promote cost-efficient healthcare services and consumer choices.

Headquartered in Lynchburg since 1964, The Mid-State Group navigates innovative growth strategies for businesses, organizations, families, and individuals. The Mid-State Group is a family-owned, independent umbrella of service companies including Mid-State Insurance; Mid-State HR; Mid-State Safety, and Mid-State Wellness, along with the educational Mid-State Academy.

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