Jam to This Band Mobchild’s Powerful Hard Metal Music Video ‘The Voyage’

The Voyage by Mobchild

(FastNewsMedia Editorial):- Columbus, Oct 9, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Rising band Mobchild brings for the metal lovers an extremely impactful and exhilarating new music video The Voyage. This band was first formed in 1993 after the founder and guitarist Mike Kearns release his solo project Calm before the Storm. They reformed in 2017 to record the video The Voyage. The band members consist of Kurt Kretcheck in drums, Shawn Riniti in vocals, Steve Dunch in the bass and Mike Kearns in guitars. This video is recorded at MindRocket Studio, produced by Mobchild and published on 8th October of this year.

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For those who are new to this bands music, must be prepared to expect the unpredictable and unexpected. The work of this band Mobchild is full of impressive features and immense creativity. The sheer energy, passion and detail on this video are enough to blow other rock acts out of your mind right now. The video has achieved a beautiful balance between the delicately expressive and hard-hitting sounds of the guitar.

The musicianship, the production and vocal performance all offer the absolute highest levels of quality and emotion combined with deeply thoughtful songwriting which makes this video worth watching. The gorgeous hooks, melody-line and immense vocal performance lean back and forth between hard rock and heavy metal. The hypnotic ambience and soundscape take you into the depths of perfect bliss and transport you into a whole new world. It makes for a heavily addictive release and introduces the bands own style and approach towards music.

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Enjoy this superb music video:

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Mike Kearns  All Guitars
Shawn Riniti  Vocals
Kurt Kretcheck  Drums
Steve Dunch  Bass
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