Budding Artist YannaMaria’s Track ‘Always On Time’ Is Topping Music Charts Worldwide

Known as the ‘Princess of Austin Music Group’ YannaMaria is the leading R&B & Soul artist who wowed the music industry with the superb and vibrant musicality. The debut of her single ‘Always On Time’ has refreshingly configured R&B & Soul music genre and has taken it to a whole new level.  This artist from Baltimore, MD, United States has displayed a considerable star power along with a strong magnetic aura which makes it easier for this versatile artist to be noticed. With the lifetime of business knowledge, vocal skills and her ability to grab the attention of the audiences, she has become a voice and symbol of modern and bold women everywhere.

YannaMaria has made many memorable additions to the R&B & Soul music genre through her track Always On Time’.  This track is one that takes its time to craft something blissfully soulful and simultaneously fascinating around the listeners. This track begins its journey and deals with some really unique subject matter and concepts that you do not find all too often in other music of the same genre. The track is just stunning, ambient, spacious, expressive along with the artist’s vocal tone leaning back and forth between the low and gritty.

This versatile artist has effectively managed to bring about the perfect fusion of R&B and Soul music in a way that ends up feeling a thoughtful music piece with every bit of sublime escapism. The infectious melody-line, notable level of angst and a sense of urgency in the leading voice with a captivating story-line to match really make this track worth listening to. As always, the production is always on point, creative and very impossible to predict. The instrumentation, lyricism and the feel-good vibes craft something lightly uplifting and inspiring aura around you.

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