NYC Band Missyou Comes with their New Arresting Video ‘Your Body’


The famous band Missyou has come up with their new attention-grabbing video ‘Your Body’. Missyou band is a group of four people producing Alt pop rock music. This video is no doubt very bold but along with the song making a video of it creates a different impact on the audience. It lures more people because they are able to listen as well as watch a video. People are always attracted to watching a movie. Likewise, you can draw in more audience by simply making a music video and uploading it on Youtube. It is a very popular platform where you can reach a huge number of audiences.

This Alt pop rock band from NYC is rocking the music industry with their newly released video ‘Your Body’. They produce dark alt rock story songs. Their music is not genre based because they love all types of music and take inspiration from all kind of music. The effort they produce as a team to create refreshing music is commendable. There is a variety of styles within Alternative rock which are tied together because they are separate from mainstream music. Undoubtedly the music is superb but what attracts people more is the video. Their video is so captivating, deep and unique that you can’t restrict yourself from watching it. The beats will help you in tapping on your feet with the rhythmic blend.

Through the video ‘Your Body’ they narrate us a story. This band, Missyou, portray the dark story through this video. It is bold, sensuous and mesmerizing. It has a gloomy atmosphere at the very beginning. There is a certain kind of mystery presented through the image of the girl. The music reflects the taste of Alt pop-rock style. Each and every member worked hard to make it a huge success. The name of their production house is Missyoumusic. Watch more enticing videos by them like ‘Child 44’, ‘Know It All’. All the videos are different from each other and unique in composition. You can now visit Youtube to watch this excellent music video. To know about their latest events visit Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profile.


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