Florida Pop Music Artist Szandra Mayer has brought the Anthem of this Summer, ‘SUMMERTIME IS HERE’

Szandra Mayer

As the title suggests, the track SUMMERTIME IS HEREhas brought those warm feelings of summer. Its charming musical verses have beautifully crafted those awesome vibes and party-like ambiance of summer. The Florida pop music artist Szandra Mayer has made it clear that she cannot be taken as an ordinary singer. At this young age of 12, Szandra has quite amazingly showcased her artistry, creativity, and passion for the musical genre of pop. This musical piece is an assembly uplifting pop beats and beautifully portrayed moments of togetherness. It is a perfect track for those weekend pool and beach parties.

The vocal presence of Szandra perfectly displays the cheerful mood of the track. The lyricism of the track is perfect for the mood of the track. The vocal delivery wanders around the beautifully written lyrics and flows over the dreamlike backdrop. The superb production of the track will give you a stylish introduction to the track, which continues throughout its run. There is a fine balance between the soundscape and the bars, which has crafted such beautiful moments that will keep you captivated from the start to the end. And, the magical vocal performance of Szandra has added spice to this delicious piece of music.

There is something charismatic about Szandra’s voice that guides the entire track with such ease. Her work has already brought her much fame in the music industry. Her first song ‘PARADISE’ was in the Top 50 Pop Global Chart, and the next track ‘NEVER EVER’ was at the 118th spot on the Top 200 Global DRT Chart. And, now the euro-pop rhythm of this track is also on top of the music charts. Tune in to the music streaming site SoundCloud for more of her tracks. Connect with her through Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. For more details visit her website http://www.szandramayer.com/

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