Daniel Perez – The New Sensation of Film Industry is Creating Buzz



Award-winning star Daniel Perez has come up with some masterpieces to set foot in the film industry. This Dominican-Russian filmmaker has always dreamt of inscribing his name in the sectors of film making, directing and editing. The1993 born Daniel Perez never gave up on his passion and with times he realized how efficiently he can film a story. His skills have always encouraged him to grow interests for the scenes behind the lens. Over the years, Daniel Perez has received loads of chances to direct short projects. Besides, people have also commented on him for being a great actor in some of the stories.

Starting from short films to documentaries to music videos – Daniel is leaving his sign everywhere. This Los Angeles and Santo Domingo based director is now focusing on to offer some exclusive projects to the audiences. His award-winning short films “The Land Of Mad Men” and “The Job” have received excellent rating and reviews in some of the popular movie reviewing sites. Daniel Perez has succeeded in placing his name in the hearts of millions of overseas viewers. “The Land Of Mad Men” was nominated as the top shorts online film and this handsome has bagged the award of ‘Best Crime Film’. Moreover, this film received the title of Best Short Nominee by MedFF. Los Angeles Cinema Awards proposed the Best Drama title to this short project by Daniel Perez.

His contribution to the film industry is no doubt opening a new chapter. This young man is trying to take his journey to the next level. His film “The Job” has also prepared its place in the official selection of NewLife Film Festival & Screenplay Contest. “The Land Of Mad Men” – the masterpiece has helped Perez to collect the Best Director award arranged by Los Angeles Cinema Awards.

Daniel Perez – the new face with good experience and professionalism, therefore, proceeding towards a great future to engage his fans with more valuable short projects.

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