HipHop with Lyrical and Rhythmic Illustrations in Mars Valley’s Song ‘Bully’ is Fascinating

Hip-hop has been historically hailed as a creative step towards various socio-cultural reforms through its lyrical prowess and ability to put forward honest perspectives. Carrying forward hip-hop’s communal significance in the backdrop of contemporary situations is upcoming artist Mars Valley and his lineage of songs that speak about the realities and complexities of life. His newly released song ‘Bully’ beautifully captures the characteristics of social shortcomings that have led many people to go through difficult situations. ‘Bully’ is a tribute in other words contemplating the degrading nature of racial and inter-personal injustice that has been one of the major issues around us. In his song, Mars Valley continues to spread his loving and motivating words to all who have been victims by showing empathy and positive outlook towards life.

Mars Valley

Upcoming California rapper Mars Valley may be very new to the industry but his new Extended Play consisting of six exemplary songs including ‘Bully’, ‘Lay With You’ or ‘Running’ each has a thematic setting in terms of lyricism. He is a visionary who captures the essence of life and existence and turn them into beautiful pieces of musical formatting. Rapping relentlessly without any inhibitions, Mars Valley brims with honesty and structured creativity.

With a soundscape that does not just uplift the cultural freedom of hip-hop but also brings together the intricacies of rhythm and beats to the best of use, Mars Valley captures every detail in his thematic sagas and builds songs that pierce the heart with its humility. He is already gaining substantial acknowledgment with his new EP ‘Neurotic Poetry’, an accomplishment that he wishes to carry forward in his future projects. As a continues to build his place in the industry with his interpretations of hip-hop and lyrical enormity, his global breakthrough I not very far from reaching fulfillment. Follow his work on Twitter, Soundcloud and Bandcamp to experience a journey of social and cultural belongingness.

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