Remedy’s Return With New Action Control At Unbelievable Prices



Remedy’s next big game ‘Control’ is right around the corner which is available at around $60. The game is about an agency in New York which is threatened by something big.

With much hype associated with the game, it is only surprising to see the game launch at such a low price where both Xbox One and PS4 console owners can pick it up and get $10 off. Many say this is just a selling strategy to intimate the gamers to grab a hard copy version of the interesting action-adventure game.

With Remedy’s New Action-Adventure game Control being out, the whole gaming community is buzzing about the news as the game offers something unique and surreal.

The graphics have captured a lot of attention and certain plots seem straight out of a dream. The gamer is invited to a mysterious world with ominous tunes playing in the background.

The main attraction lies with Jesse Faden who is the heroine of the game. Her beautiful looks don’t come throwing and is particularly likable. Being the Director of this entity program, her way of portraying the character is very much real and makes her stand out. She goes out to show the type of details the developer wants to put into this game.

The heroine has special access to the Service Weapon which transforms into different types of firearms and is crucial to surviving monstrous encounters.

’Control’ has a lovable design with never-ending nooks and crannies and the player has to spend much time in the headquarters for the Federal Bureau of Control- Old House. The developers have carefully chalked out the details as they want every action to be gripping and emotional.

There are other interesting turns which can be upgraded as the player goes forward in the game. Coming at such a low price, ‘Control’ is the perfect game to indulge in for long.


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