The Dubious Relationship Of Southern Charm’s Madison Lecroy And Austen Kroll Is The Talk Of The Town



The relationship between Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll will be in the limelight in the second installment of Southern Charm reunion. Their controversial love story has gone through many phases – they have been in fairytale love, and also hated each other to the same extent. The multiple betrayals in the relationship won’t let Andy Cohen sit back quietly.

In the show’s preview, it seemed like they are not going to get back together and remain only friends with benefits. Almost the entire cast feels that these two hate each other but the story is a bit different than it seems to be.

Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy says she and Austen Kroll are friends  and she also revealed to the US Weekly, the current status of her relationship with the aspiring businessman and also what attracts her towards him.

According to Madison, their relationship is very complicated and since Austen is now focusing on his beer, she doesn’t want to create any distractions for him. She also added that there is still some spark left between them but there is nothing beneficial coming out of it, so they would like to remain just friends.

When she was asked the reason of her not leaving him alone, she replied that she loves her dimples and it is the first thing she sees in him. She also likes his height and personality. His comforting nature is also an easy guess.

Shep Rose and Craig Conover have claimed that Madison is not only the reason for his deterioration but also she has tried to separate him from his friend group. But this allegation was completely denied by Madison.

Madison also said that Austen is a grown man now and can make his own decisions, and she also told him that all his decisions, good or bad, depends upon the top five people with whom he hangs out and advised him that since he is a businessman, he must act like that.


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