Angelina Jolie Reveals The Surprising Equation Between Her And Brad Pitt After Their Divisive Split



Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is considered to be one of the most mentally strong women in the film industry. Still, it seems that she is also going through the common pains that many people face at some point in their life.

Angelina Jolie makes surprising comments about her divorce from Brad Pitt and also revealed that it has emotionally exhausted her. She also said that the longevity of their public split was a big challenge for her.

The humanitarian also added that this split had broken all her emotional strength and though she had tried hard to cheer herself up, she had failed miserably for most of the part.

In a recent interview, the star actress confessed that she is also like any normal person and these last few years were the hardest part of her life.

While promoting for the Maleficent sequel and Marvel’s The Eternals, the actress told E! It was news that a great opportunity for her to come back into regular life following her emotional breakdown. And, she is grateful for having the opportunity to play these characters as it reminded her that she could bring back her strength too.

The official divorce between the star pair was initiated in 2016. Some reports revealed that Brad was involved in an accident with Maddox, his son.

Following this incident, the father-son duo was involved in a heated argument. At the end of this all, nothing wary was found and this made the authorities investigate the case more closely.

Since this incident, Brad has been accusing himself for the divorce. The actor also revealed that his alcohol obsession also added fuel to the fire.

He seemed quite disappointed at this split-up but also stated that he understood his importance as a father to support his children.

Angelina opened up about the beautiful moments between their kids when she was taking Maddox to the airport to admit him in a college in Seoul, South Korea. The way the children jumped into the car to see Maddox off, filled her heart with joy. She felt quite blessed to see their children loving, hugging, and supporting each other as it assured her that they would always be supporting each other like this.


Still, it seems that their official divorce is far away.



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