Macy’s Inc is saying No to Fur by the end of Fiscal 2020

Image Credits : Flickr

Cincinnati based American retailer Macy’s, Inc. has announced that it is fully stopping selling real fur by the end of FY 2020.

But it ensures that it will not fail to provide stunning fashion and radical excellence to their devoted customers with supreme quality of alternative faux fur. Macy’s Inc has closely analyzed its customers’ demands and preferences and decided to go fur-less with a suitable alternative that is as fashionable and classy as real fur. Comments and feedbacks from Go Green Employee Resource Group and its colleagues were taken on the serious count and several discussions were held with the Humane Society of the US and other NGOs. The brand’s chairman and CEO Jeff Gennette state that it is a contemplated step to stop selling fur totally. Its other private brands have already stopped providing fur products. So it is a common step towards expanding the very practice.

Keeping all the precious views of its loyal customers for years, American retailer Macy’s, Inc has announced its commitment and partnership with the Humane Society of the United States. It was a highly appreciated move and other retailers should seek the same.

President and CEO Kitty Block shows her concern by commenting that there have been movements made by eminent designers against the practice of fur and severe protests are held in many cities, and now the state has made law in oppose to this inhumane practice, they look forward to putting an end on this unnecessary production and selling of fur. Even Bloomingdale’s private brands will be all fur-free items, says Macy’s.

One of the biggest retailers of America, Macy’s has approximately 680 department stores under its namesake Bloomingdale’s and 190 specialty stores of Bloomingdale’s The Outlet, Bluemercury, and Macy’s Backstage. It is decided that fur won’t be sold anymore in any of these outlets including Macy’s Backstage and Bloomingdale’s The Outlet. The company is assumed to close its Fur Vaults and salons as it is termed in the commitment.


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